Multifunctional complex

The Bansko Social Sports Recreation Center comprises a territory located in the western part of the town of Bansko. It contains two of the most important locations, filled with numerous public service, sport and recreational functions - the city park and the city football stadium. This makes the site an extremely important center both for the city and for the entire surrounding area. One of the main conceptual ideas for creating

the complex is the harmonious flow of the park and the rest of the complex. For this purpose, an underground level is constructed under the entire stadium area and adjacent areas located at the park level. There is the biggest for the city of Bansko covered parking - about 830 cars. A new level is created at the ground level

which serves as an upgraded football playground, fully compliant with FIFA regulations and requirements, suitable for football matches and training at local, national and international level, as well as any other mass events and events - concerts, official ceremonies, opening and closing of championships and more.

Auditorium stands are located on the eastern and western periphery of the playground and have a capacity of 8,000 seats. The sitting areas of the stadium are completely covered with a special construction, which consists of vertical massive elements - filers carrying the horizontal wooden visor by means of steel beams and rope straps. Another main idea of the project is the construction of a peripheral building around the stadium with minimum height (1-3 floors) and harmoniously

entered in the surrounding neighborhood structure. It predisposes the creation of a pedestrian circular covered alley around the stadium. The effective use of volumes below viewing stands and

the rhythmical alternation of architectural shapes and spaces helps to build a complete pedestrian-passage environment around the football field. There are

shops, kiosks, restaurants, cinema halls, day and night bars, bowling and gaming halls, sport clubs, fitness halls, SPA-complex, cosmetic and hairdressing salons etc. To the north of the stadium is a 4 or 5-star hotel complex with about 90 rooms and suites. To the south of the football field there are two residential groups with a total of 24 apartments.

The project has been developed under the leadership of L. Semerdzhiev, M.Arch and I. Novakov, M.Arch