Sofia, Banishora district
Multifunctional complex

The building is a 5-storey multifunctional complex, designed to be inhabited by elderly people with a life standard above the average one. Here they get the opportunity to communicate with each other, as well as to engage in various club activities. According to the assignment, the complex should be located in a small neighborhood in the central part of Sofia. The terrain is well secured in transport from the main arteries that pass through

nearby - "Knyaginya Maria Louisa" boulevard to the north, Slivnitsa boulevard from the south, "Hristo Botev" boulevard from the east and "Opalchenska" street from the west. In an adjacent neighborhood is the Fifth City Hospital, which makes the plot suitable for situating a social building inhabited by elderly and disabled people. The complex consists of three sleeves and one unifying volume. Thus two fully open southern yards are formed

with rich landscaping and only pedestrian traffic. One of them is a kind of square full of public interest and suitable for social contacts. The other yard is in the quieter part of the complex. The building has five overground and one underground level. On the ground floor there are the two reception blocks of the complex, as well as a small medical center. In the symmetrically located wing of the building a hairdressing salon and a center for complex services are designed. In the basement there is a small dining room with a spillway. The dining room receives its natural light from two richly landscaped atriums. On the top floor there is a coffee bar with panoramic views to the southwest. The three residential floors have a total of 34 residential units designed for one or two occupants. There is a public space on each of the living levels, with each floor having a different function - a small hall for gatherings on various occasions, quiet seats with sofas and entertainment and hobby areas. The symmetry is the basic principle in the volume of the building. At the center of the composition is a cubic volume that shelters the public functions of the floors. In the façade construction of the wings, the striving is to clearly distinguish the volumes, which is facilitated by the alternation of different materials - mineral plaster in two shades, wooden granite lining.